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How to deal with falling trees. Who is responsible? Do I need to involve my insurance?

1/25/2021 (Permalink)

Fallen Tree A family sees a tree in their front yard after a storm in San Diego

With lots of heavy winds and rain coming lately, I was researching what typically happens when there is a tree that falls in a property. I remember back in early 2016 when there was an awful storm, there were trees on the roads everywhere and our business received a lot of phone calls with homeowners that had actual trees fall into their house and damage their property. 

The source for this information is from an article in Consumer Reports that I linked at the end, as well as some of our personal experiences working in these environments.  The article is dated for July 2019, but the information is still relevant. 

Key points: 

1. Will my insurance cover me? 

The article sites that the short answer is “Tap your own coverage. Make a claim through your insurer for tree damages to your property, even if the tree was rooted in your neighbor’s yard. “ In our experience, insurance companies may cover these damages due to high wind incidents, but it’s important to check with your carrier first. 

2. What if the neighbor’s tree falls on my house? 

When this happens, you can still open up an insurance claim to get help right away. It’s possible that your insurance will seek to recover their expenses through what’s called “Subrogation”. This would be the same process but reversed if your tree fell on the neighbors house. 

3. What if the tree falls in my yard and not on the house? 

The article states two different points. It seems like if there is no damage your house, your may have to pay for the clean up yourself. But in other instances, the article cites that the homeowners policy may reimburse your for damaged landscaping. 

4. How costly is a tree claim?

The average reported amount was $4110 for tree claims, although this can vary depending on how much damage was involved to your house and what was affected as a result. 

Often times these incidents can cause water damage from pipes breaking or structural challenges that need to be repaired. Our team would be able to assess the damage and make a plan to restore your house to its original condition. 

If there is an instance where something like this happens, feel free to give us a call at (619) 482-1131 and we would be glad to answer your questions! 

Link to original post: https://www.consumerreports.org/homeowners-insurance/when-a-tree-falls-who-pays-for-the-damage/

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