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Water damage

Chula Vista office flooded

A little rain in San Diego flooded this Chula Vista office. We got the call at 12:00 am and started drying the space right away. In less than 72 hours we left the office as "Like it never even happened."


We are Here to Help

When your Chula Vista home or commercial business needs damage restoration services, we'll be ready to respond using our innovative technology and experience. Call us 24/7 at (619) 482-1131.

Water damage

Identifying Water Damage

We use various technological equipment to determine where the water damage is.

In this picture we used a thermal camera to view all of the areas that were colder than the rest of the room and that lined up with the trail from the water damage.

Water damage equipment

Our equipment

We use various technological equipment to leave the space completely dry.

Our team is always happy to help the Chula Vista community whenever they have emergency water damage in their home or commercial business.

Water damage equipment

This space has water damage

We use various technological equipment to determine where the water damage is.

When your Chula Vista home or commercial business needs water damage restoration services, we'll be ready to respond using our innovative technology and experience.

Kitchen Fire

Kitchen Fire

This is the scene of where a fire started. Walking through these incidents can be surreal and unfortunate; as trained professionals we can help and be a resource during these times. We were able to assist this home owner with their needs and eventually repair their entire property. 

Burnt House

Severe Fire Damage

Some fires can really ravage a home. This was a call we got after a tenant had a kitchen fire in that escalated fast. Unfortunately the home was in major trouble when we came. 

Fire Damage

Damaged Ceilings

This is a more detailed picture of how fires can burn structures entirely. The ceiling opened and burnt the structure, while the flooring fell after the sprinkler systems went off. 

Fire Damage

Ceiling Fire

In this picture, a fire loss happened in San Diego. This was another instance where the fire damage was large and caused sprinklers to trigger. We're grateful that we can be there for our clients during their time of need. 

Structure damaged by Fire

Fire Damaged Structure

In this picture, someone called us when they had a fire in their yard. The fire affected the portico and the client had a lingering burnt odor entering their house. 

Fire and Water


At this location, we were in awe as to how much damage there was. The fire was just a few stores down, but ravaged this business park and caused the sprinklers to go off. We're grateful to have helped their business get back to normal.

Work Site

Enjoying the Work

We got a call for a condominium that flooded here in San Diego. We were grateful to work with such an amazing view! We demolished the affected areas, made sure everything was dry, and repaired it back to normal. We made sure to get some ice cream after since the sun was perfect!

Lifted Flooring

Damaged Bathroom

In this picture, you can see that after a water damage happened here in San Diego that affected the bathroom of a business. After inspecting the damage, we had found the pipe under the vanity to be the source of the leak. 

Water Damaged Office

Common Commercial Water Damage

In San Diego, a common loss that happens is leaky pipes. In this client's office, the ceiling pipe burst and ripped the tile. The water fell below once the pipe finished leaking and the water was shutoff. 

Soaked Office

Office Water Damage Clean Up

One of our clients called us when their company officers were damaged with water. Fortunately the damage was not too large, but we still serviced them and made sure that everything was cleaned up as fast as possible. 

Ceiling Tiles

T-Bar Panels Were Destroyed

In this picture, the water damage in the business was so strong that several panels fell from the ceiling. Luckily we were able to dry the damage, perform repairs, and get this company back in business fast!

Damaged Clinic

Clinic Ceiling Damage

In this picture, you can see that the clinic that called us out had very extensive water damage. The ceiling collapsed from the water damage and affected multiple rooms. In this case, the maintenance workers attempted to remove some debris, but then realized that they had too much work on their hands so they called the professionals here at SERVPRO. 

Mold in Walls

Storm Mold

Once challenge with storms is the ability to assist everyone as fast as possible. This client had been waiting for a different restoration company and didn't get the response they wanted. They called SERVPRO and we were fast to come out to the scene. Unfortunately the walls had already been affected with mold. We got to work quickly and restored their property. 


Behind the Cabinets

The water leak in this home affected the kitchen cabinets entirely! When we came for our inspection, the kitchen cabinets were falling apart and we could tell right away that the walls behind them were damaged. 

Exposed Ceiling and Pipes

Kitchen Pipes

In this picture, you can see the pipes that leaked when they froze! The pressure was too strong that these pipes burst. The ceiling collapsed and you can see the drywall hanging out. 

Open Ceiling

Insulation Falling Out

In this instance, the storm was so strong that the ceiling burst and affected the entire kitchen! We were able to perform demolition and clean up all of the affected areas. 

Insulation on Floor

Fallen Insulation

In this picture, you can see the water damage is so strong that the ceilings collapsed entirely and the insulation fell! They told us they were going to try and clean it up, but the damage was quite overwhelming as we can see. 

Collapsed Ceiling

Drywall has fallen!

During the Texas freeze in February 2021, the water heater in the ceiling burst from being so cold! This person's ceiling completely collapsed. Luckily we were there to help right away!

Walls Dripping Water

Wet Walls

Visible signs of water damage can show the paint sagging from the walls. The water leak runs down the inside of the drywall and saturates the wall. If this occurs, call us right away!

Wet Ceiling

Water Spots

Sprinklers can leak and cause the surrounding areas to be spotted with water. In small instances you can see the colored spots, but in some larger damages, you can see large bubbles in the walls. 

Wet Carpet

Water Alert!

In this picture, you can see the affected carpet is wet. In some instances, we can simply remove the carpet padding below and dry the carpet. In other instances, we might have to remove all of the carpet. 

Ceiling Mold

Uncovering Mold

If a water leak occurs and it isn't mitigated right away, you could start seeing spots of black mold develop. We are able to remediate the mold and return your property back to normal. 

Water Heater Damage

Water Heaters!

When there are water heater leaks, it's important to see the platform that is supporting the unit. Often times, if the water heater is not on a tray, the area below it can become affected and damaged. 

Affected Garage Ceiling

Common Affected Areas

Often times in two story homes, if there's a bathroom above the garage, a leak can cause a garage ceiling to become spotted. We can inspect the damage and set up a containment to remove the affected areas and begin drying. 


Air Scrubbers and Containment

We use professional grade containments and air cleaning technology to perform restoration according to industry standards. The affected areas will normally be isolated, contained, and cleaned. Sites like this are very common if you experience a water loss and hired a SERVPRO team previously. 

Matterport Camera in Mirror


As professionals, we use Matterport technology to scan the structure that we perform work in. This allows us to view all of the work will be done and was completed! Afterwards, we can also turn in the file to the owner of the property so they can see the process of the restoration. 

Flooded Carpet

Experience in Water Extraction

We have extensive training and experience with emergency drying services. In this loss, we had several water extractors being used, so our team member Luis got his shell vacuum and was working hard until the next extractor was available. Thank you, Luis!



That's what we call our flat air movers. We also have the snails on the side. We have a variety of machines ready to dry your home or business in San Diego!


Industrial Grade Equipment

With our infrastructure, we are always ready to respond to any disaster. Many water damage claims will require extensive equipment to make sure the structure is dried as fast as possible. 

Crew members and office staff

Our Team

Here at SERVPRO of Chula Vista, we take pride in our commitment to making it "Like it Never Happened" our highly trained technicians are here to help every step of the way. 

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